HN - Sale Revu

HN - Sale Revu


REVU ( is an influencer marketing platform that connects businesses / brands to influential people on social networks. Influence marketing is a prominent trend that many businesses are interested in using. Joining REVU, you will have the opportunity to experience the most advanced influencer marketing technology, participate in various campaigns in every industry and attractive remuneration.

Location: Sale Revu

Quantity: 05

Job description:

Search for customers on available corporate or personal data.
Understand the advertising needs of customers, propose appropriate ideas to plan and deploy. Present to customers the idea and expected cost, negotiate and negotiate with customers to finalize the contract.
Working with the Operations department to create a campaign on the system, rationally allocating work, coordinating work. Manage your entire campaign schedule, check progress, launch campaign status and report all campaign results from time to time to customers.
Learn new trends, characterize the target of each campaign, understand consumers' reactions to products to ensure the campaign proceeds successfully.

Study capacity: Graduated from university or college.
Major: Marketing, Economics, Business Administration
Skills: finding customers, building relationships with customers, capacity for planning, customer relationship communication, negotiation, management, enthusiasm, ability to negotiate, communication skill, coin analysis direction.

Hard salary (5 - 8m) + Allowance (breakfast, lunch, computer, gasoline) +% DT
Working time T2 - T6
Review salary increase 2 times / year
2 times annual & foreign travel: East + Summer
2 Weekend holidays: T7 & CN
Enjoy New Year holidays
Salary for the 13th month
Fully comply with social insurance
Along with access to "super technology" Google & Facebook

Candidates send CV via email:
Email Subject: "Sale Revu - Full name"

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