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CleverGroup offers a wide range of digital advertising services and solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals, meeting the robust digital transformation needs of the 4.0 era.

CleverAds is one of the leading pioneers in the new-era advertising technologies and services in Vietnam & SEA. We have been serving customers an exhilarating experience of ""One Stop Digital"" concept with our diversified and distinguished service system, optimal and comprehensive solutions on multiple digital platforms.
With 6 offices in 4 countries, CleverAds has successfully implemented various advertising campaigns for more than 6,000 customers from all industries nationwide and globally.

Revu - an Influencer Marketing platform for social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube - with presence in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Its vision is to become the biggest Influencer Marketing platform in Asia.
With assets of novel technology and smart operation, Revu facilitates businesses to execute Influencer Marketing campaigns quickly, on a large scale, and with the most affordable budgets.

Offering a wide range of services of idea creation, content production, video production, digital media distribution, seeding marketing, crisis management, etc., Orion Media works to aid your businesses growing strong and prospering anytime anywhere.

AdTech specializes in blockchain and AI technologies, working to advance an integrated DSP, DMP and SSP ecosystem that maximizes mobile apps revenues for both advertisers and publishers.
Its optimization algorithms focus on parameters of fill-rate and eCPM, constructed by floor price management, bandits algorithms, and enhanced machine learning models. AdTech serves to ensure ads to reach the right audience, increase conversion, and optimizing revenue.
Its target is to become the top-ranking Mediation platform in Vietnam and SEA.

cMetric delivers Social Listening services upon enterprises' demand. With a colossal vault of data collected from social media channels, cMetric provides you not only a general analysis of the market, products, customers, and competitors, but also the power to control and respond to negative mentions and discussions about your brand on social media channels. All is to aid businesses in their journey of brand management, product development, campaign execution, and media crisis forecast.

The optimal SSP and DSP programmatic ads platform for Publisher/Advertiser.
For Advertiser: To optimize ad performance based on audience data. ADOP displays ads to the right audience by demo analysis using data from advertisers and publishers along with automated optimization algorithms.
For Publisher: To optimize ad revenue by an Ad Exchange system, which helps content creators advance Real-Time Bidding and DSP campaigns, maximizing revenues from all traffic sources: Website, Mobile App (Android, IOS), Game App Unity (Android, IOS) and Unreal (Android, IOS).

A provider of professional sales solutions on a global and cross-border B2B eCommerce Platform. CleverX supports import-export SMEs to sell better as well as empowers their brands to proudly represent Vietnamese products on the international market.