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Revenue optimization for mobile apps based on blockchain and AI technologies.


The leading and outstanding Digital Marketing agency in Vietnam.

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Influencer Marketing platform delivering effective, rapid and automatic services fro SMEs across Asia.


ORION MEDIA.,JSC/NAH MEDIA.,JSC specializes in idea creativity, content production, brands and products promoting and distributing media.

ADOP Việt Nam

ADOP VIetnam provides the most customized and optimized solutions for Publishers and Advertisers based on programmatic ads.


Data collection on social networks to exploit, analyze, synthesize into reports and deliver new perspectives of the market and social networks.


A provider of sales solutions on a cross-border B2B e-commerce channel, facilitating Vietnamese import-export enterprises to sell easily and effectively worldwide.

Associated Company

  • Ecomeasy

    A supplier of comprehensive solutions of marketing and sales on e-commerce channels for various businesses.

  • WindSoft

    A developer of software and mobile applications for businesses, aiding to increase sales and improve customer experience




Our clients come from diverse businesses and industries.

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Clever Group's takeover Orion Media and its IPO Journey

On May 12, 2020, Clever Group Corporation (UPCOM code: ADG) officially announced the merger of Orion Media Joint Stock Company ("Orion Media"), which leads way to an advertising ecosystem with diverse platforms and solutions to create the best values for our customers in both domestic and overseas markets.


2020 general meeting of shareholders of Clever Group Corporation

On April 27, 2020, at the head office of Clever Group Corporation (stock transaction code: ADG), located at 3rd floor, Building G1, Five Star Garden, No. 2 Kim Giang, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, the 2020 General Meeting of Shareholders of Clever Group Corporation took place successfully.


Google G Suite announces a change in price policy from April 2, 2019

G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Business) was born in 2006, is a set of tools built on Google's cloud computing platform to bring to members of the business Connection and effective working methods from anywhere, on any device. Google has made an official announcement about price changes after more than 10 years of launching the toolkit. The new price point takes effect starting April 2, 2019


Message Extension: Click-to-Message - New extension for Google AdWords ads

Google has released a new extension feature called Message Extension: Click-to-Message, which allows viewers to click on the icon and contact the advertiser directly with a message. Text, utilities are almost similar to the Click-to-Call utility, ad viewers can contact directly by clicking on the phone icon and making a call to the advertiser.


Include business address on Google Maps

During network visits, you may see the address images of some stores and businesses, when you search Google, you will display information of your business with a small map leading to the address. of that business.


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Recruitment CleverGroup

HCM - Intern - Influencer Marketing

HCM - Intern - Influencer Marketing Service


HCM- Chuyên viên tư vấn Digital Marketing

HCM- Chuyên viên tư vấn Digital Marketing


HN - Biên kịch Video

CleverAds là đối tác cao cấp chính thức đầu tiên của Google & đối tác ủy quyền chính thức đầu tiên của Facebook tại Việt Nam. Chúng tôi chuyên cung cấp dịch vụ quảng cáo bằng từ khóa trên hệ thống tìm kiếm Google (Google AdWords), AdNetwork và AdMobile, Facebook…. Đây là những công cụ quảng cáo hiệu quả nhất với những tính năng thông minh ưu việt và là xu hướng của marketing hiện đại, ngày càng phát triển tại Việt Nam. Là một công ty trẻ năng động, CleverAds đem đến môi trường làm việc thân thiện, sáng tạo với thu nhập xứng đáng. Để phục vụ nhu cầu phát triển của công ty, chúng tôi cần tuyển: