3 online mistakes are harmful to businesses

3 online mistakes are harmful to businesses

(Date 2019-06-05 13:22:25)



Mistake 1: There is no customer service on social networks


At the time of 2016 you can easily receive compliments and comments via Twitter or Facebook instead of websites or phone calls - and that's what makes you worry.


Why? Social media experts have pointed out that: When a customer communicates extensively to more than 500 friends on their facebook, including influential people and hundreds of thousands of followers Your brand will realize that it is a serious problem.


Not to mention, 67% of shoppers look to social networks to solve customer service issues. And there are many other statistics that lead to the notion that customer service on social networks is not an option.


However, not everyone can know how to do this, so what you need to do is different from other businesses. Good problem solving can sometimes impress customers that make them more loyal to your business than before.


But the rest of the customer care on social networks is to determine the right time - so if you can't catch up with customers, don't ignore software that helps manage social networking sites. Assembly There are many choices for all budgets. If not, you can also find experts in the field.



Mistake 2: Error browser


Most business owners are not the ones who can develop web browsers, and you don't need to worry about this because there are so many options available for setting up these The web browser is fully functional and attractive. But the question is whether browser developers make sure that the web page display of the business works well at any time? Do you know that your site is corrupted or has a 404 error? The possibility is that you will not notice the problem if the visitor does not inform you, and usually very few times they will give you a complaint that will move to the next page.


This applies not only to smaller businesses. The fact that Searchmetrics claims that more and more people participate in activities on your website, it is more likely that you will face errors that you don't know about.


So how do you make sure your website will work correctly at all times? Software like Visibility Guard helps solve problems by slowing down your page to find the most common errors, such as:

HTML status codes like 301 redirects or 404s
Meta and x-Robots-Tag "No-index" and No-follow
Canonicals and redirect chains
Significant changes to word count in content
You need a program to help control errors. You don't need to be a technology magician yourself, but you need to understand what the problem is and find a solution.


Mistake 3: Unfriendly on mobile


Your page needs to be optimized for phones. Businesses should not make this mistake, but it is surprising that most businesses have it. Why is this a big problem? The time when the technical media on the phone surpassed the computer by 51%, and this number will continue to grow larger.


Optimizing the phone is not only about design, but also the focus on operational functionality. Customers will leave faster if your pages download too slowly, or they will move to the site they want easier. Whether your product or service is the best, if your site is not optimized for phones, your business will fail.


In fact, phone users can judge you through your site not for phones and that your business is obsolete. Obviously it is an obvious fact and it can be avoided.


And even if phone optimization can be expensive, that won't happen if you know how. Most Web builders, even the choice of drag and drop like Weebly, will have people who can program mobile devices. And if you don't know a lot of techniques, Moz will help you make suggestions for optimization. Whether you are interested in self-employment or you have small business resources, you need to make choices to make sure that the small elements don't make you fail. Running a business is not easy, but some simple modifications in your digital battle will make things better.


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