Clever Group's takeover Orion Media and its IPO Journey

Clever Group's takeover Orion Media and its IPO Journey

(Date 2020-05-13 09:28:00)

On May 12, 2020, Clever Group Corporation (UPCOM code: ADG) officially announced the merger of Orion Media Joint Stock Company ("Orion Media"), which leads way to an advertising ecosystem with diverse platforms and solutions to create the best values for our customers in both domestic and overseas markets.

With the acquisition of Orion Media, Clever Group will bring to the ecosystem more comprehensive solutions to the customers, especially in the aspects of content creation, brand’s message conveyance to clients. Furthermore, the takeover is also to lead the trend in Vietnam market where video content is exceptionally welcomed and received positive responses by Vietnamese people in recent years. Clever Group has had CleverAds (performance marketing), Revu (influencer marketing), ADOP (DSP SSP platform), Orion Media (creative content creation) and AdTech (big data optimization), and there are going to be 1-2 enterprises joining us in 2020 to perfect our ecosystem.

For Orion Media, after the merger, the company can take advantage of Clever Group’s strengths to expand creative content production to other markets in Southeast Asia, especially in the countries that have Clever Group branches such as Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia.

In December 2019, Clever Group officially started trading on UPCOM with the securities trading code ADG, the entity intends to list on HOSE (Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange) in June 2020 and IPO in August 2020 with a capitalization of about VND 1,600 billion.

Some photos at the event:

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