Continuing Trầm project, Orion Media and Ngo Lan Huong officially released #Trầm 2 show as well as single “Tuổi hồng thơ ngây”

Continuing Trầm project, Orion Media and Ngo Lan Huong officially released #Trầm 2 show as well as single “Tuổi hồng thơ ngây”

(Date 2022-05-09 16:21:05)

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About Ngo Lan Huong and the Tram project

Ngo Lan Huong is an artist that works for Orion Media. Her singing career started with participating in the “Giọng hát Việt” contest. At first, she is known for having excellent covers of many popular songs. Since becoming an artist as well as a composer, Ngo Lan Huong’s songs rapidly went viral on Tiktok, for instance, “Anh có muốn đưa em về không?”, Yêu đừng sợ đau" or “Em như nào cũng được”.

After 3 years in the entertainment field, Ngo Lan Huong has several impressing achievements:

  • Over 1.5 million likes and followers on Facebook
  • 600K followers and 6 million likes on her personal Tiktok channel
  • 1.2 subscribers on Youtube 

At the beginning of 2022, Ngo Lan Huong released her very first EP “Trầm”, which then turns the audience’s impression of her as a pure and innocent girl into a more mature woman. This EP also marked a change in her music path as well.

Inspired by the up and down moments of life, the #Trầm project is made with the ambition to create an unadorned and relaxing space, where her audience can either leave the hustle of life behind or heal their souls and be reminded of some forgotten memories.

By pursuing a more mature style, it is expected that #Trầm would bring Ngo Lan Huong’s music to a bigger range of audiences and re-position the image of a mature and fervent woman.

About #Trầm 1

Playing the opening role for a long project, #Trầm 1 has succeeded in bringing Ngo Lan Huong’s name and songs to more audiences.

Going through some impressive achievements of #Trầm 1:

  • Total of 26.4M views on Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube
  • Top trending Youtube
  • 7 Tiktok videos have over 1M views and appear on Tiktok trending Engaged mostly with the female audiences from 18-24 years old

Choosing a vintage concept, #Trầm 1 has brought back huge attention and love from audiences for Ngo Lan Huong.

>>> Watch the full #Trầm 1 show here.

About #Trầm 2

While #Trầm 1 mainly focuses on peaceful moments of the hustle life, #Trầm 2 represents a nostalgic music sheet that reminds us all of our lively and enthusiastic youth.

Referring to youth, we will remember the time when we are all of love and dreams, of things that are unforgotten. That time was beautiful whether we regret it or not.

This is the big idea of #Trầm 2 - “The beautiful youth”. The show is published under the concept of a small music show back in the 80s and 90s in Vietnam when every each of the participants has their own thoughts and stories.

#Trầm 2 is expected to be the key to the memories of the old times, the most beautiful time in life. Together with the launch of the #Trầm 2 show, Ngo Lan Huong’s new single “Tuổi hồng thơ ngây” was also broadcasted.

>>> Watch the #Trầm 2 trailer here.

Like #Trầm 1, it is hopeful that #Trầm 2 would be a hit for not only Ngo Lan Huong but also Orion Media and brands that sponsored the project "Trầm"

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