Having released the new feature “Ask questions with your tutors”, Lazi continued to bring more value to the community of 9 million students using the systems

Having released the new feature “Ask questions with your tutors”, Lazi continued to bring more value to the community of 9 million students using the systems

(Date 2022-05-18 10:57:36)

Lazi broadens the “playground” for excellent personal tutors, teachers, and university students

Lazi (https://lazi.vn) is a digital-based assignment Q&A system that helps students get answers to their homework (if they cannot solve themselves) quickly and correctly. On average, Lazi receives over 2000 questions and 3000 answers from students in grades 1 to 12 from across the country per day. 

Since joining Clever Group in June 2021, Lazi has rapidly optimized its website’s interface and improved information quality to enhance its customer experience. In December 2021, Lazi published its very first mobile application on iOS and Android platforms, which allows students to take pictures of their assignments and get answered more quickly. 

Significantly, in May 2022, the feature "Ask questions with your tutors" was released. This feature connects students with the appropriate tutors who are excellent and experienced personal tutors, teachers, and university students. 

With this new feature, learners on Lazi can directly ask the tutors until they thoroughly understand the assignments, discuss 1 vs 1, and study with the tutors anytime, anywhere. Lazi’s tutors are capable of assisting students with all subjects at school. After the conversations, students are still able to revise answers from tutors in the profile. 

Pic: The new feature "Ask questions with your tutors"

Talking about the feature, Mr. Pham Van Cao - Lazi’s C.E.O, shares that: “As soon as students upload their questions, Lazi’s tutors will be informed and reply to the questions in 5 minutes. In the answer, they will clearly explain and help the students understand the assignment as much as possible. This feature also connects with excellent university students and personal tutors across the country and helps them earn more from sharing their knowledge.” 

In the near future, Lazi will stand still with the orientation of focusing on being a strong and growing assignments Q&A platform, not only in Vietnam but also globally. To vary the ways of knowledge for students, Lazi keeps developing its main features such as Community Q&A, 1 vs 1 Q&A with tutors, Group studying, Big Database answers search,...

The philosophy of “To invest is to company” 

In 2021, Clever Group operated 3 businesses investing in the field of education technology, one of which was Lazi. 

Discussing the company philosophy of Lazi, Mr. Duong Bach - C.E.O of Clever Group shares: “One of the reasons we decided to invest in Lazi is that its targeted consumers are very active, well-communicated, and very interactive in asking and answering. This outstands Lazi from other educational products. Our point of view in investing is to bring real values to the products’ founder. Those values include not only money, but also knowledge, experience in managing, RnD, process building, and how to operate and run a business”. 

Pic: Several significant numbers of Lazi after joining Clever Group's ecosystem

Onto the details of how Clever Group company with Lazi, Mr. Duong reveals that Clever Group helped Lazi to reconstruct its finance-managing system, build a firm base for sustainable development; as well as consulted Lazi with the new direction to develop new products, find new customers to diversify sources of revenue. 

“After a while being invested by Clever Group and joining their eco-systems, I eventually understand their spirit, philosophy, and actions. This gave me more confidence and determination to keep on spending my time and passion on building Lazi to be a thriving start-up, a shining point in education technology; which then will make an influence on the market and contribute to diversifying Clever Group’s ecosystem”. Mr. Pham Van Cao insists. 

Non-stop completing its products’ quality, Lazi did and is proving the direction in developing the technological ecosystem of CleverGroup, which does not stop in the field of marketing but now to education. 

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