Include business address on Google Maps

Include business address on Google Maps

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During network visits, you may see the address images of some stores and businesses, when you search for Google, you will display information of your business with a small map leading to the address. of that business.
This is a free Google service called: Google Place Business Listing. Businesses, large or small, can put their addresses and names on Google Maps with this service.

What are the benefits of addressing your business on Google Maps?
- Name and business address information will be displayed on Google Maps:

- Display the navigation map on search results in queries containing the province / city name.

- Business information is posted on Google Maps and will create a page on Google+, displayed along with the map. Can attract customer tracking page, post information. If there are many review customers (according to the star rating), when displayed on Google will be very eye-catching.

- Display the address in Google+ search list

- Business promotion becomes more professional with images and objective assessment information.

It can be said that putting your business address on Google Maps will help your business more easily reach customers, contacting businesses quickly without having to access the website with the phone number utility. Comes with the map.

What business address should I put on Google Maps?
- Logo of the business

- Some pictures of the business

- The correct address to receive confirmation PIN from Google. Time to receive PIN from 5 - 15 days depending on the country.

Instructions to put the address on Google Maps
First, you will need to visit the website: and press the registration button as shown:

and login:

Next, type the exact address of the business on the map (can be typed in Vietnamese, Google can display it). When done, click on the button as shown to start creating a business address based on the address you searched for.


Once completed, follow a few steps and complete the tutorial.

Note: Once completed, Google will send an activation PIN to Google Place for Business, you will have to wait a few days for this PIN to be mailed.


After entering the PIN code, the system will notify you that you have finished and the business address will start showing up on Google - but don't rush, the information will not be displayed immediately.

Please visit the website address: to edit the profile completely, attach the logo to complete the business profile.

Before the business address appears officially on Google (about a few days after verify), you can access: and type in the name of the business, you will see the information displayed on the map.

A few notes

- Not every keyword related to your business displays a map.

- Encourage your customers to write a review of your business on Google Maps so that business address information is best displayed.


Contact CleverAds immediately to receive advice and support to register business address information on Google Maps.
Hotline: 0919 01 8448 (HN) - 0919 02 8448 (HCMC)

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