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In October, Clever Group completed the first version of - an e-commerce platform listening solution. The solution has many outstanding features such as collecting information about selling price, number of purchases, revenue on each product or each online store, as well as collecting buyer feedback on leading e-commerce platforms in Vietnam such as Shopee, Tiki and Sendo. helps businesses, online store owners understand the market, know customer feedback to update products with appropriate prices.

Businesses can register to try and experience the software's features at or contact hotline 0919 70 8448 for detailed advice. Here are the outstanding features of e-commerce listening platform solution:

The ability to aggregate data on a single platform

Stemming from the actual problems of businesses, the store owners want to develop and expand their stores on many platforms but have difficulties in monitoring and managing them efficiently. The solution to listen to e-commerce platforms helps to aggregate the data of businesses and shop owners who are managing all e-commerce platforms into a single data center.

ShopMetric helps to specify data, therefore, businesses and shop owners can have the most comprehensive views based on actual data with high accuracy. Accordingly, business or shop owners and salespeople can promote potential products, increase revenue and profits for themselves.

The report meets the businesses and shop owners’ needs of management and decision-making - The solution to listen to e-commerce platforms currently has a visual reporting system with clear data, providing a full range of 3 data reports on the revenue classified according to each specific store and item; reports on high sales, highly potential growing products, and reports on the increase and decrease in the purchases help business owners and store owners easily track, compare data and make business decisions. reports the products with the largest sales

Statistics of purchases by each specific product

Understanding customers through each review, comment

At the beginning of developing this technology, understands that, to the stores, the buyers are extremely important. Buyers are often influenced by the shop’s reputation scores as well as product reviews and comments to make a purchase.

Therefore,, through the consumers’ behaviors, provides a formula for the store's reputation score to help businesses and store owners understand whether customers trust the store or not. The higher the reputation score is, the more likely buyers will continue to trust and buy the products of that business and store.

Report on a change in the store’s reputation score

Besides, to prevent communication risks, bad comments and missing suggestions from buyers, has a feature that aggregates comments of all products of the stores. Businesses and shop owners can view comments and quickly respond to negative comments; thereby helping to limit communication risks, develop potential customers’ trust.

Easily track and respond to customers

Update information about competitors and analyze the market so quickly

A highlight from's feature is the ability to quickly update competitors’ information. Business and store owners will constantly monitor the price changes, thereby quickly adjusting their marketing activities.

Businesses and shop owners can also compare their products or stores with their competitors to clearly understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Compare your sales with competitors’ ones

The ability to research keywords, capture the purchasing needs

For customers starting to learn to sell on e-commerce platforms, offers a comprehensive view of vibrant fields, best-selling stores, or best-selling products on each e-commerce platform.

Simultaneously, customers can also find out their buying needs through the Keyword Research tool, providing more information to help businesses and shop owners in maximizing the product content and communication campaigns. helps users analyze the general market helps users research sales keywords

With many advantages from product features, is currently a solution that every business needs, meeting the needs of all businesses and stores in managing sales activities on many different platforms. It deeply updates customers’ views to quickly solve the customers’ problems and avoid bad effects on the business in the future. Besides, ShopMetric supports monitoring the market as well as competitors to update the situation and make the most accurate business decisions.
Businesses can register to try and experience the software's features at or contact hotline 0919 70 8448 for detailed advice.

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