Message Extension: Click-to-Message - New extension for Google AdWords ads

Message Extension: Click-to-Message - New extension for Google AdWords ads

(Date 2019-06-05 13:22:25)


Google has released a new extension feature called Message Extension: Click-to-Message, which allows viewers to click on the icon and contact the advertiser directly with a message. Text, utilities are almost similar to the Click-to-Call utility, ad viewers can contact directly by clicking on the phone icon and making a call to the advertiser.
With this message widget, ad viewers may have another option to contact the advertiser. With previous contact forms such as: clicking on ads to view information, request services or book an appointment, receive quotes by phone, then with this new utility, it will help ad viewers feel comfortable. and convenient to exchange with text messages via mobile phones

The message utility is designed to be visible only to phone users who are capable of sending and receiving text messages, which means that businesses must have phone numbers that can be received, processed and sent. text messages.

When the ad viewer clicks on the message icon in an ad from a mobile device, the messaging application will be opened, followed by a pre-edited message content that the advertiser creates.

The advertiser will be charged when the viewer clicks on the message icon, the method of charging is the same as the fee for a click, when the ad viewer clicks on your ad and goes to the website.

What message does an advertiser need to provide?
- One is, the phrase Contact to receive incentives (Description for utilities as shown in the picture), including 35 characters.

- Secondly, the message content will appear as a message when the user clicks on the widget, including 100 characters

Working on using messages instead of contacting directly by phone



Benefits of Message Extension: Click-to-Message:
- Show more ads at no extra cost to AdWords: It's easy and free to add a message widget to your ads — you don't have to spend money.

- Grow your business: Creating a message widget can help you grow your business by making it easy for people to contact you.

- Share gadgets on ad groups or campaigns: Quickly set up your gadget according to your specific needs. A gadget can be applied on an ad group or the entire campaign.


Google has updated this gadget on some accounts. Since the utility will be updated gradually, Advertiser should actively check account status and make content to optimize that account.


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