More than 400 students participated in the talk show organized by Clever Group, JobsGo in collaboration with the Hanoi University of Industry

More than 400 students participated in the talk show organized by Clever Group, JobsGo in collaboration with the Hanoi University of Industry

(Date 2022-02-19 16:50:58)

    At 2 pm on February 18, the event "Talk with experts: Trends, challenges, and opportunities with IT students" was held with the participation of 4 speakers:

  • Mr. Dang Trong Hop - Head of Information Technology Department, Hanoi University of Industry;

  • Mr. Nguyen Khanh Trinh - Chairman of Clever Group, who is holding a lot of young and potential technology start-ups.

  • Mr. Bach Duong - CEO of Clever Group. He also worked for Google for 13 years and was the first Vietnamese manager at Google before returning to work in Vietnam.

  • Mr. Pham Thanh Hai - CEO JobsGo


   Although held online due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the program still received a large number of participants (more than 400 students from the Hanoi University of Industry) listening and interacting on Zoom. In addition, the Livestream on the Fanpage of the IT Faculty of Hanoi University of Industry also attracted lots of viewers.

  During the talk, the speakers gave valuable stories and lessons from their own experiences to the students. The content on preparing for the graduates also got special attention from the speakers as well as the participants.

 Answering a student's question about the important thing when doing an internship, Mr. Trinh, Chairman of Clever Group emphasized that the most important thing is: “Not hesitant to work, try to do everything you can do” to be able to improve not only experiences but also other skills. Mr. Bach Duong, CEO of Clever Group, has mentioned 4 new technology trends including AI (artificial intelligence), ITS (intelligent transportation system), IoT (Internet of Thing), blockchain. He believes these are the 4 trends that will be leading ones in the coming years. Mr. Hai, CEO of JobsGo also offered many job opportunities in the IT industry in Vietnam. He emphasizes that with enough passion and background knowledge, students almost certainly get plenty of job opportunities in the IT industry. Mr. Hai also introduced JobsGo for participants to seize opportunities and easily find jobs.

   There are a lot of questions for the speakers, but due to the limited time, they cannot answer all the questions. Mr. Hop, a representative of Hanoi University of Industry, also had many perspectives on the current teaching methods of IT majors. He said that at Hanoi University of Industry, the curriculum is always updated every year, under the advice and close cooperation of schools and businesses, thereby giving students the best practical lessons that catch the latest trends of technology.

   At the end of the talk, the speakers, students, and the organizers took a photo through the screen. The organizers also sent a thank you to all the speakers as well as the Hanoi University of Industry for creating an opportunity to have an extremely useful and interesting sharing talk show.



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