Risk comes from Google Apps ... fake

Risk comes from Google Apps ... fake

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Google Apps for Work is a suite of Google multi-platform software, providing business utility services such as Email, Calendar, CRM, Hangout, Drive, Google Docs ...


This is a very useful and handy set of small and medium-sized enterprises (less than 10,000 employees) because of its superior features, multi-platform applications (on all types of monitors, desktops, and laptops). , phone ...), especially stability. Google claims that Google Apps down-time is only 0.00000001%.


Google has stopped providing free version of Google Apps since December 2012. Now if you want to use the official version for enterprise, you need to pay 5 USD / user / month or 50 USD / user / year. However, many businesses in Vietnam still want to use Google Apps Pagoda or find a way to buy an enterprise version with a much cheaper cost without knowing the potential risks such as permanently locking accounts or losing all data. whether ...


Google Apps account ... where does the temple come from?


When I started to introduce the business utility suite (Google Apps), Google had for a long time free trial. At the beginning, each domain can register up to 200 accounts. After that, Google gradually reduced to 100, 50, 20, 10 ... free account. At that time, there were many individuals in Vietnam who tried to buy a lot of domains and registered to use Google Apps for free for self-seeking purposes. By December 2012, Google officially dropped the free version and provided a paid version, previously registered free domains were still in use. Profitable individuals then took advantage of the ability to "add a subdomain" to change the domain name at the discretion of "cheap ham" customers, selling this free domain to these customers for a very low fee. low. This is a serious violation of Google Apps' terms of use. When Google detects infringing domains, they will immediately lock the account. Customers will then lose all data used on that domain.


Serious consequences:

▪ When in the sub-position, all management features are under the main account - it is the seller's original free Google Apps account. Therefore, businesses not only do not enjoy the highest management rights, but also lose the service quality of the paid version of Google Apps for Work.

▪ The archives of the business are not secure, even at risk of losing everything when Google "touches". Google is pushing to scan unofficial Google Apps, causing a series of accounts to be permanently locked or lost all important data.

▪ Google will not be responsible for any disputes or risks that occur. Moreover, businesses may encounter legal issues when exchanging and buying an invalid product.

CleverAds is a company certified by Google as a Google Apps Authorized Reseller in Vietnam. Thus, along with the title of the official Senior Partner of Google in Vietnam, CleverAds is the first unit entitled to deploy to provide Google's business support products (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Document, Sites ).


Accompanying CleverAds to own 30 days of free trial and experience to push up the high-end features Google Apps brings to businesses.

Hotline: 0919 01 8448 | Consult Google Apps for Work


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