VKids Edu launches many new features, helping children to learn English

VKids Edu launches many new features, helping children to learn English

(Date 2022-02-25 14:17:25)

The demand for learning English, especially for children is increasing day by day due to the popularity and necessity of English in the long run, VKids, a focused English learning program for children whose ages range from 2 to 15 is designed according to American standards with acknowledged experts in the field of education. A special feature of VKids is that children will learn English and vocabulary through short stories or interactive games, which draws children's attention and concentration through lively sounds and fun images. In addition, VKids has just launched new features to enhance the learning process of children and parents.

1. Introduce parents

In order to bring VKids closer to children and parents who want their children to learn English early, VKids has launched an "introduction" feature for parents. With this feature, both the referrer and the referred person will receive gifts from VKids. With each successful referral, both the referrer and the referred person will receive 3 days of using VKids products free.

Thereby, it creates opportunities for parents and children to experience an English program that helps children develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills according to American standards at home.

2. Report on learning results

After the end of each lesson or when the child completes a part of the VKids program, the system will save the data and arrange them in a learning report. The report will summarize all the data that the system records during the children's learning process to help parents understand the children's learning level as well as know their strengths and weaknesses, thereby giving specific measures to improve children's abilities. This feature helps parents see their children’s learning outcomes based on:

  • The children's level of accomplishment
  • Percentage of right or wrong answers on each question
  • Children's detailed English improvement: correct/wrong sentences, scores, speed of learning, and completion time.

At the same time, parents can easily view detailed reports anytime, anywhere on any device, helping to know the child's learning status quickly and promptly.

3. Leaderboard

Leaderboards are a prominent feature of VKids as children can compete with other members of VKids within a certain range. It can be friends from the same school, the same district… Currently, this feature is available on the iOS/Android app and children can improve their rankings by completing the exercises in the best way.

Benefits of leaderboard feature:

  • For children: help them feel more motivated when learning on the platform and spend more time improving their rankings on the leaderboard by trying to learn and maintain their self-esteem in studying English.
  • For parents: an effective measure to help them know the actual learning level of children. The more increasing the demand for learning English for children is, the more convenient and suitable VKids is, particularly for children to learn languages ​​from an early age.

Now, VKids has developed greatly in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with millions of users. The application is widely recognized as English learning software for children aged from 2 to 15 in many countries by experienced professionals in the field of education.

Parents can refer to the website: Vkids (vkidsapp.com) for more information, download the Vkids Edu app at: http://onelink.to/muzurs to register, receive a free trial code, or contact via hotline: 0374.723.555 for more consultation about VKids' study program.

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