Vkids expands its business in Indonesia, which enhances its presence in the South East Asia edtech market

Vkids expands its business in Indonesia, which enhances its presence in the South East Asia edtech market

(Date 2022-06-22 14:41:06)

At the beginning of June, Vkids finished building its team in Indonesia, marking its very first activities in expanding the business of English-education apps for kids in South East Asia. With this, Vkids aims to be one of the leading platforms in the area. 

Vkids is an early-education apps ecosystems for kids from 2 to 13 years old. The desire to accompany parents in educating their children in the digital age encouraged Vkids to make kids-friendly and safe learning applications, which also give the children the opportunity to freely experience. 

In April 2021, Vkids officially joined the Clever Group ecosystem and received big help from the corp, which then resulted in the rapid growth in technology, products as well as how to approach its customers. The expansion of Vkids to the South East Asia market was also supported by Clever Group. 

Approach the new market, distinguish and take the chance 

Sharing about Vkids’s business expansion in Indonesia, Mr. Kevin Tran - Vkids’s C.E.O said: “After thoroughly research, we found that Indonesia was our potential market with various advantages for developing online learning apps, especially English. Meanwhile, the domestic online learning apps in Indonesia haven’t fully met the customers’ needs, which left a huge market gap. And it’s time we hopped in and tried to develop here as much as we can.” 

Vkids brought its best app to the Indonesian market - Vkids Edu. Vkids Edu is an English learning program for kids from 2 to 13 years old, which includes lessons on all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Having over 500 vocabulary games and 1000 interactive stories, Vkids Edu heads to promote kids’ interest in learning and encourage them to study on their own without any help from parents. 

Vkids Edu kept its core features that distinguish the app from the others, which are the all-around learning program, the interactiveness of the lessons, and the care for Vkids’s little consumers. 

Some “only” we can go through: 

  • The only app to have features developing fully 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing
  • The only app to have teachers correct pronunciation mistakes and the sole proprietorship for VSpeak pronunciation practicing. 
  • The only app to have a diverse display of learning: Games, videos, interactive books with cartoon characters… 
  • The only app to have the Department of Education accompanying parents to send them kids’ studying progress and tests. 

The future ambitions 

Along with rapidly developing the lessons’ quality and the interactiveness and diversity in forms of learning, Vkids also focuses on after-purchase customer service. 

In the Indonesian market, Vkids is aiming to create a loyal base of customers, who use Vkids’s service regularly and contribute to spreading Vkids’s name to other parents in need. To achieve that, Vkids is currently trying to bring the best experience to both parents and their children when using Vkids’s services. 

“By creating a loyal and contagious user community, Vkids aims to be one of the leading online English learning platforms in Indonesia in the near future” - Mr. Kevin Tran concluded. 


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